by Depth

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released May 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Depth Rio Grande, Brazil

Depth is a Depressive Metal project formed in 2015 by Lucas Alves. Depth has produced it's first own stuff in 2016 entitled "Painfully, memories...", released at May, 3th.

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Track Name: Ceasing To Exist
Alone in another cruel night
Locked in my own world
Living as an inhabitant of darkness
And also owns a dark soul
In which I was presented with a thing called life
Life, this cruel thing and dark
It is the worst punishment there
It shows you and teaches the cruelest things
Like loneliness
Something i must live with every day
Something for a certain part, comforts me
It makes me better observe everything that happens
And it makes me think about everything and everyone
And increasingly, I think of ceasing to exist
For life it gives me such a thought
And now I'm here
Drowned in my own feelings
Locked in my own mind
In which I hope I never get out
It is the best possible place
Away from it all
And so, it becomes my place of refuge
It is the only place I can find it...
Track Name: Contempt Of My Own Existence
During all the days of my miserable life
I felt totally alone
As if I was thrown somewhere in the darkness
What makes me think that my existence is insignificant
But maybe that's the truth
I don't need people around me
For the only views that have such
Are fear and loneliness
I don't need to see the light of another day
For the only thing that these days provide me
Is the feeling of contempt
Contempt of my own existence
And here I am
Drowned in my own thoughts
Thoughts of a cold mind and crude
Like the person who has this mind
While this person is waiting for his own end...
Track Name: Slave Of My Mind
The end for me just have slavery meanings
I am a slave of my mind
My feelings quartered
Life is so cruel as the knife ripping my neck
The order does not exist, how do you know that?
We can have life after death
Go for a life in eternity in heaven or hell
I will only settle if there really is the end
Days of depression, locked in my room
Listening to the rain hit and staring into space
Only makes me want to die
Will we finally reach the end
Track Name: With No Trace Of Light
Walking alone in the darkness
With no trace of light
Always alone
It is the only thing left for me
It always seemed to me a dream
But in fact
It's a real nightmare
In which I awake to experience
Unfortunately awake
I need to live this nightmare daily
It has become part of my routine
And it seems to never end
But it seems I have no choice
Will I have finally put an end to it
And sleep
Sleep forever
It is the only way
Finally get rid of all the contempt
And all the sadness
In which it is always present in my mind
A mind already dead long
As the person who has
Track Name: Stuck In Another Winter (Gurum Cover)
I see myself stuck again this horrible winter,
Where my soul has its open scars,
Where my skin dries out,
Where all this cold engulfs my being,
Where the lies come back to me,
Torturing each piece of my mind,
I'm human, I error.
Loneliness feeds me and the anguish became my lover